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As the damage and death toll from deadly Gale Katrina becomes more apparent, it is a grim reminder that we live in dodgy times.

Every year, millions of colonize about the world lose their lives or have them badly disrupted as of floods, tsunamis, wildfires, earthquakes, blizzards and hurricanes.

In today's awkward world, we face even superior threats from terrorism, civil unrest, explosions and the odds of chemical, biological or even nuclear attack.

In the United States, the terrorist intimidation is not only from overseas groups; domestic terrorism has been with us for decades. Violence on the road and in our spaces of work and schools is an added emergent area of concern.

?In the last 25 years there has been more than 320 domestic terrorist incidents and assumed incidents - an be around out of one every month over this period.

?Over a billet of the U. S. inhabitants are children. In the last eight years more than 40 students, teachers and custodians have been shot dead at incidents in schools.

?More than 1. 7 million colonize are the victims of violent crime while at work.

?There are 1,200 road rage correlated deaths every year with a additional 40,000 associates killed in travel crashes and half a million hospitalized, "The hazard is real and it is growing," warns Is America Safe. com, a new website devoted to defensive Americans and the Land of your birth from actual disasters and terrorist attacks.

Every year about 1. 7 million colonize are victims of violent crime while functioning or on duty. About 75% of these incidents - about 1. 3 million - are austere assaults while an additional. However, over 800 bureau homicides occur every year - more than two every day everywhere in the country.

"Not only are many Americans not safe at work, many bosses are doing hardly to keep their employees in the event of an tragedy - whether from artless causes or man-made such as violence and terrorism," says Is America Safe. com talking head Don Philpott,

"It is a disconcerting brain wave that more than half the businesses in the United States do not have a catastrophe management plan - what to do in the event of an urgent situation - and many that do, do not keep it up to date. Even fewer businesses and organizations have a brute defense plan to keep their house and associates who work in it," he says.

"How many of these buildings are safe from terrorist act of violence or accepted disaster. And what about the nation's 110 million households? How many families would know what to do in the event of an added Katrina or other emergency," says Philpott.

"Terrorism is not a new challenge and it is not going to go away any time soon so we have a duty to our families, acquaintances and loved ones to make sure that the seats where we live, work, learn and play are confident and that the citizens using them are safe," he says.

Is America Safe. com has launched a chain of concrete handbooks on how to plan for and carry on a major crisis whether it is a accepted calamity like a storm or flooding, or a man-made incident, such as a terrorist attack.

"Our aim is not to alarm colonize but to arrange and keep them so that they have the tools they looked-for to survive, get on with their lives and care for the freedoms that we all hold so dear," he adds.


For more in order go to www. isamericasafe. com or acquaintance Don Philpott at 407. 862. 5477

Don Philpott has been writing, exposure and distribution about security, civil conflict and terrorism for just about 40 years. For 20 years he was a chief correspondent with Reuters-Press Association, the wire service, roaming the world treatment on major actions and attention spots counting Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Israel, South Africa and the Far East. He is now chief correspondent with Fatherland Excuse Journal, the foremost land of your birth confidence newspaper in the U. S. , and he writes for magazines and newspapers in the United States and Europe.

He is the dramatist of more than 50 books and is a commonly contributor to radio and tv programs on defense issues. His most modern book to be in print this fall is The Edifice Guarantee Handbook.

He has created exceptional intelligence on Defending the Athens Olympics, The Danger from Dirty Bombs, Anti-Terrorism Actions in the UK, The Inhabitant Guard , Nanotechnology and the U. S, Martial and The Large-scale Bang of the London Bombings, available in August, and which resulted in a amount of radio interviews in the U. S. and UK


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