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How to keep your postal mail classified and confident - home-security


Surreptious cavity of most envelopes sent all the way through the mail takes little crack and only negligible skill. Commands are eagerly existing on the Internet and in books suc as "CIA Flaps and Seals Manual" (Paladin Press).

While your mail is in the hands of the postal advantage it is moderately assure from exterior nosy but easily accessible to postal employees and the alphabet soup of control agencies that may, for doesn't matter what reason, take an advantage in your confidential correspondence. If your mail is delivered to your home, i don't know to a box at the end of your driveway, a big name can by a long way amputate your mail already you do, if not you are ahead of you when the postment delivers it.


If a clandestine investigation or district snoop detached confidential correspondence from your mailbox, cautiously opened them, recorded the contents, and then resealed them and returned them to your mailbox, would you know it? If you conventional a correspondence in the mail on Wednesdays as a substitute of tuesday, would you be aware that it had been absent that day?


When control agencies send easily upset material, they double-wrap it to foil it's clandestine opening. The administration method is to place the easily upset bits and pieces in an envelope, seal all seams and edges with tape, and background apposite addresses and confidence markings on the envelope.

This envelope is then sited into a agree with envelope, which then has all edges and seams sealed with tape. The outer envelope is addressed, but there are no collateral markings recorded on it. This is effective, but the outer envelope with all edges and seams sealed with tape stands out from commonplace mail.


For guarantee of delicate correspondence I advocate double-wrapping your clandestine letters, but with a bit of a change. As a replacement for of sealing just the edges of the inner envelope, i use clear sealing tape or clear packing tape.

1- Cut a lenght of tape twice the lenght of your inner envelope. Place the tape on a table, epoxy resin side up. You may need two strips of sealing/packing tape to cover the complete width of the envelope (I was able to achieve 4-inch-wide packing tape, which works well for the minor 3 5/8 x 6-inch delicate correspondence envelopes, from a local affecting company).

2- Now, after sealing your envelope, place it on the cement portion of the tape and then fold the tape about the envelope so that it covers all surfaces. Leave a affront edge of tape about the envelope so that you can have an adhesive-toadhesive seal. This type of seal, cover all surfaces of the envelope, is damn near difficult to get into in a secret manner.

3- Now, place the sealed envelope in an out envelope and seal and concentrate on it normally.

The outer envelope doesn't stand out from other letters, but your concealed correspondence sealed contained by is cosseted from snoops.

Even the old tricks of using compound sprays to make the envelope momentarily transparent won't work as the inner envelope is from tip to toe wrapped in tape and as a result impassable by these sprays.

Max Penn is the man at the back of the respected Spy gear export guide site. You can learn and assistance from his inimitable privacy, examination and antisurveillance knowledge by signing up for his free spy gear & techniques newsletter at Spy Gear & Tech Xpress Newsletter page


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