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Infrared goggle pop down in hallways for arrangement fires - home-security


Most colonize who are killed in arrange fires die from the smoke not the flames or fire. In general they are overcome by the smoke and lack of oxygen as the fire takes all the oxygen and replaces the airspace with smoke. There needs to be a way to get these citizens out of the fire location and arrange at once to avert loss of life, nevertheless lacking good visibility one cannot see to get to a fire escape, set of steps or exit.

I have in mind a drop coordination comparable to the one's used on aircraft when there is a break in the approach and the pressurization is lost. In the event of a fire low-cost spectacles with infrared lenses would drop from the ceiling near the fire hoses and alarms. The specs would have lenses, which would be small pieces of film akin to the paper sunglasses, which are given out at the 3D movies. The safety glasses would keep the smoke from the person's eyes and allow them to see thru the smoke to escape.

Additionally on the foot of the spectacles would be a small breathing apparatus with five notes of air amount comparable to the campaign used in the James Bond movie for at the bottom of the sea breathing. We now have these campaign accessible to Navy Seal Teams. We must find a way to make them cheaply and in mass to make this cast viable, but I consider this is likely thru consumerist spirit.

This cast must be funded thru US Naval Delve into since it can be used on ships and submarines to save lives of seamen. The equipment must be economical and cost effectual to build these units for a connect dollars each and then the equipment transferred into the clandestine sector. Think on this.

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