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The case for personal, estate, corporate and child seizure guarantee in today?s world - home-security


When one considers the chronological character of defense applications and programs of any type, i. e. , CCTV, disturbance detection and alarm systems, corporate policies and programs and countermeasures of any type, the enfant terrible of the Abjuration Syndrome, Gratification and Catastrophe to accurately allocate a Confidence Finances can not be over emphasized. If we, as individuals, as a fatherland and as a government, have not erudite something from the instruction of 911, it is the allowance of being pro-active and utilizing the idea of foreseeability.

No mater how, when or where, the defiance syndrome is the one human comeback device which can be most fatal in any confidence reaction curriculum or effort. On too many occasions, individuals, whether VIP's, corporate executives or the fellow citizen down the road will cleanly place their hand in the sand and resolve themselves stating to themselves "it won't come to pass to me".

Too many clients counter to their threats whether due to a: shadow and/or hazard from a angry member of staff or corporate enemy, a Administrative center Violence issue, domestic thefts - both Estate and Corporate, collateral issues due to high profile or net worth, corporate espionage, marital disputes, etc. , with the abjuration syndrome. Too many persons easily feel that they can "safely play the percentages" and close the eyes to the danger or the achievable repercussions. The fallout of this type of self-righteousness is too may times very costly and potentially, deadly.

Then of course, there is the characteristic or corporate executive who certainly will rationally affect the ROI does not exist in relative to the intimidation level. However, the being more or less unilaterally comes to this conclusion, entirely ignoring and discounting the recommendations set forth as a consequence of a as it should be conducted Exposure and Hazard Assessment. This rejoinder is average and a complete illustration of the "penny wise and pound foolish" attitude.

Anothern air of life today, which has befall such a considerable issue and "threat" to us as individuals, families, and as a kingdom and nation, is "Child Abductions". We too many times, turn on the late afternoon news to hear of yet, a different child being abducted. These child predators have no conscience and seek out victims, statistically concerning the ages of 10-12 but not incomplete to those ages, more times than not, a young girl and roughly sexually abuse and then murder them. The marauder would more than liable choose to make off with the older person, conceivably a 19 or 20 year old female. However, almost certainly due to the bigger grade of resistance and bigger complexity in being successful, the predators elect the younger victims.

It is in these instances that we sharply become aware of the denunciation syndrome, self-righteousness and bankruptcy to by the book financial plan confidence in in commission in our lives. We plainly need to apprehend that we no longer live in a circle that was as safe as when we grew up. Today, due to many circumstances, one being the filled to capacity criminal arrest coordination and the pressures it spaces on the criminal acceptability arrangement to plea bargain down criminal act crimes and an added one being the past decades of financial statement cuts in state and community funding of Psychiatric Institutions has to be found too many "psych" patients and "predatory criminals" out on the streets and active in our neighborhoods among us.

We, as parents and as a citizens in general, have to come to grips with the fact that we must be as pro-active. Austere mistakes such as allowing our offspring to ride their bikes alone, go (walk) to a friend's house or to school, unescorted can be fatal. We cleanly can't allow small kids to play unsupervised, in any environment, whether it be the driveway, backyard, park or drill playground. Predators exist. They are out there, looking for the mistake.

Being pro-active is critical. There are other steps parents can take, such as the use of a GPS watch or cellular phone. Obviously, the more affluent can employ the military of an armed bodyguard, fortification agent to accompany their child, such as in the movie "Man On Fire".

Given the description of today's occurrences, anything the countermeasure taken, we can be assured, it maybe rests inside the parameters of sensibility.

For a free cooperation advantage discussion group on "Child Seizure Awareness", J. A. LaSorsa & Connections can be contacted at: 954-783-5020 or via e-mail: jal@lasorsa. com or by visiting: www. lasorsa. com

Mr. LaSorsa manages J. A. LaSorsa & Associates, a South Florida based guarantee consultancy and undercover firm, which provides expert air force to include: asset and executive protection, corporate defense and loss prevention, legal action assist and knowledgeable affidavit as it relates to premises liability, foreseeability, defense disregard and defense operations; mechanical defense counter-measures, de-bugging, electronic sweep, anti-wiretapping, safe rooms and confidence systems consulting, event and tour security, investigations and furtively operations, be suspicious of interviews, surveillances, bureau & educate violence involvement & consulting, hazard and helplessness assessments and developing/ implementing Crisis/Disaster and Affair Continuity Management plans.

Joe has over twenty-nine years of experience, which includes a twenty-year Centralized Law Enforcement career as a Chief Exceptional Agent with the United States Cloak-and-dagger Service, Presidential Defense Division, the White House. J. A. LaSorsa & Connections can be contacted at: 954-783-5020 or via e-mail: jal@lasorsa. com

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